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Processing Fees, Initiation Fees, and Other Hidden Health Club / Gym Fees

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I am in the market to join a local health club / gym, but every single one has some kind hidden fees. What is the deal with these fees? What's the deal with charging a $100 processing fee? What the hell, we live in the time of computers, what in the hell costs to much to process my information that you have to charge me $100? Give me the damn computer and I will enter the information myself! What a farce!

Whether it's called an initiation fee, processing fee, enrollment fee, etc, they are all garbage. Why in the hell can't I simply find a gym that allows me to pay an easy monthly fee and work out! If those hidden fees weren't bad enough, they also want to get you trapped into some god forsaken contract for years at a time! What happened to the days when you just paid your monthly fee and worked out?

Anyone else sick and tired of all these damn fees just to work out at a health club / gym?

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