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the aluminum buckle

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How to choose ceiling The most commonly used ceiling of aluminum buckle plate is composed of decorative plate, keel, hanging wire and other materials, which can be changed frequently and often according to the needs. It is a very convenient household single product. According to the different materials of the decorative board, the ceiling can be divided into gypsum board ceiling, metal board ceiling, glass ceiling, PVC board ceiling, etc. The cost of gypsum board is relatively cheap, followed by PVC board, metal board is the most durable but the price is higher. At present, mainly used in home improvement is the aluminum buckle plate ceiling in the metal plate. However, pure aluminum is soft, so the aluminum buckle on the market is actually an aluminum alloy ceiling, aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum-manganese alloy and so on. The hardness of the aluminum-manganese alloy buckle plate is higher, while the aluminum magnesium alloy increases the hardness while also increasing some brightness. Good texture, strong decorative effect. High-quality aluminum-manganese alloy gussets have a good corrosion resistance, commonly known as stainless steel. Special note: There are some inferior substrates on the market, using waste aluminum, recycled aluminum or earth aluminum and other materials, the products are easily deformed, easy to oxidize, and some are even waste aluminum containing chromium, lead, mercury and other harmful substances. The kind of aluminum buckle base material is low in price, high in hardness, and has a certain thickness, which is very deceptive. Hand-eye and hand-picked good material Because the consumer basically can not see the test report of the ceiling material, so can only choose the ceiling by their own opinion.

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