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any powerlifters out there?

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just wondering if there are any other powerlifters out there? I love powerlifitng.

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Yes, I love powerlifting, but I will never be able to compete due to lack of steroid use. Don't get me wrong, I am not against steroid use, but I simply don't use it myself due to the fact it's illegal and you never know what kind of quality your going to get and it just seems to risky for me. It's rather sad that in a free country we have outlawed drugs like steroids, I guess so much for freedom eh? It's hard to compete when you don't utilize steroids. I also don't have the ability to perform deadlifts here at home, which is my primary gym at the moment. I have a full cage, so I can squat and bench, but bouncing the weights off the floor is not an option here at home.

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One thing that I have noticed with my clients is that my female clients love powerlifitng. They seem to really enjoy breaking records and the fact that they can continue to gain strength without gaining a lot of mass. At first they don't seem to believe me, but I usually direct them to check out the lower weight division powerlifters online and it usually changes their mind. Powerlifting is a great way to stay in shape.

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