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  1. I have been looking at pyruvate for fat loss. Does this supplement really work?
  2. How To Lose Underarm Fat

    If you want to know how to lose underarm fat, my easy to follow advice will give you the short cut you're looking for. I will teach you how to quickly lose unsightly underarm fat and replace it with a nice, defined muscle.  If you suffer from underarm fat, you will need to take the same approach to fat loss as everyone else. The fact is, your body stores fat in your underarm area, and you will need to follow a fat loss program in order to lose the fat. I will tell you how to do that in a minute. Sometimes it's loose skin and not underarm fat that is the problem. If you have loose skin under your arm, your approach will be different. Losing fat will not help with loose skin, but lucky for you, building muscle will, so all hope is not lost.  So let's start with the first problem.  How To Lose Underarm Fat The fastest way to lose any type of fat is to incorporate a low carb diet and a high intensity exercise program. If you take this approach, your body will change dramatically in a short period of time. This is the fastest way to lose fat!  The intensity of your workout program needs to be tailored specifically for you and your fitness level. It might be worth hiring a personal trainer who can help you get on the right track. Don't over do it! Now you will also want to follow the advice for loose skin as you may find that your skin has stretched due to the fat under your arms.  The Cure For Loose Underarm Skin If you don't want to have surgery to fix the loose skin, you will need to build up some muscle in your arms. You will want to build up your biceps and your triceps. Think about it, if you build up the muscle on your biceps, it will increase the size of your arms and pull your skin tighter around the front. Increase the size of both your biceps and triceps and you will replace the loose area with muscle, which will give your arms a nice and defined appearance. Don't worry, you won't look manly or muscle bound! That's it, if you want to know how to lose underarm fat, follow the advice and you will finally get rid of your underarm fat.   
  3. Many times I am asked, "is it possible to turn fat into muscle?". The answer is, no, it's not possible to turn fat into muscle. They are completely different types of body tissues. Muscle is muscle and fat is fat.  This myth has been around far longer than I have, and I am not sure if it will every go away, but the answer is, with 100% certainty, no! You cannot turn fat into muscle. 
  4. Does Sweating Burn Fat?

    Does sweating burn fat? This is a question I have been asked quite a few times, and the answer is ... NO.  The act of sweating is your bodies way of cooling down. In other words, sweating alone means nothing in regards to burning fat.  It's the exertion of energy that burns fat, and this may or may not include sweating!  During long endurance type of exercising, you may sweat profusely. On the other hand, short sprinting or high intensity type of weight training will usually produce little or no sweating. In both situations you will be burning calories and "burning fat". Therefore, let's get to the core of this question. You should NOT use the amount of sweating to determine how much fat you are burning. You may lose a lot of water weight when you sweat profusely, but this weight loss is very temporary and NOT the best way to determine if your workout is good or not.  If you want to really burn the fat, you need to focus on the intensity of your training. Train hard and you will burn the fat.  So does sweating burn fat? Again, the answer is no.
  5. Version 1.0.0


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  6. Ya have to give them credit. McDonald's is trying to make everyone "believe" you can eat healthy and lose weight there with their salads, but this place isn't holding anything back! The Heart Attack Grille is located in Las Vegas, NV and blatantly states that if you are 350lbs or heavier, you get to eat free. They have four different types of burgers there, ranging from the bypass to the quadruple bypass. Wow! Can you imagine if you actually had a heart attack while eating there? might want to click here below: Man Suffers Heart Attack at the Heart Attack Grille It's all fun and games until someone has a heart attack at the Heart Attack Grille! Better Train Harder! Adam Freeman | Personal Training (910) 388-9899 Wilmington NC Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist
  7. In a new report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a team of scientists at the University of Melbourne's Department of Medicine studied the reasons why some people regain weight after going on a low carb diet. The study revealed that certain hormones would rise after the diets and cause the subjects to put the weight on more quickly. The authors suggest that medications may be needed to control the hormones, but the main appetite hormone, insulin, can easily be controlled with a low carb diet. Why the studies authors failed to mention this fact is unknown, but perhaps they work for a pharmaceutical company and would rather sell you a prescription? You can read more about this study here.

    Paul Collins is a genius! This personal trainer has got the brains and knows exactly what functional training is all about. Check out his workout clients will be doing this next week! link below HOT NEW WORKOUT! Train Hard! Adam Freeman | Personal Training (910) 338-9899
  9. Which is worse? Murder or Suicide

    I was in a store the other day and I overheard this conversation. "Here...I have this coupon for a free triple-decker icecream sandwich at..." and the friend responded, "OH NO I can't eat that, I'm trying to watch what I eat because I have had an incredibly hard time losing weight lately. But here, I will just give it to my son." So tell me...which is worse? Murder or Suicide I wish everyone would realize that the 1st 18 years of someone's life (while they're growing) are the most crucial when it comes to how that person will deal with weight loss or obesity for the rest of their life. Children are in the care of their parents up until they are 18 for a reason! We are supposed to protect our children! Last time I checked, you will get life in prison for murdering someone. But honestly, neither are acceptable so why not change your ways and make life easier for yourself and for your children. Train Hard! Adam Freeman | Personal Training (910) 338-9899
  10. This Will Burn Your...

    Do you know that hot peppers aid in weight loss? It's true! They rev up your metabolism and help you burn off extra calories...but they might burn off your lips in the process. Quite interesting if you ask me. As you all know me, I am always looking for ways to burn the most amount of calories in the shortest amount of time. I mean...that is how you make your clients happy because you were able to get them to their results faster than anyone else. So...ha-ha...after reading this article, I was curious to find out what the hottest pepper on the planet was so I can pass the word on to my clients. couldn't hurt, right? Check this link out! Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Peppers are the hottest peppers on the planet. I am sure my brother, Scott and good friend Matt, are going to enjoy getting their hands on these. They are always trying to cook up the hottest dishes and after my Thanksgiving facial outbreak, my brother is pretty successful at it. Enjoy those Peppers! Adam Freeman | Personal Training (910) 338-9899
  11. P90X (Warning Part2)

    In the first post, we talked about how P90x is for top notch athletes, but is marketed to everyday people who need to lose weight. Also, the exercise program is not designed for everyone and injuries are occurring more often than not. What I want to share in this second half deals with the secrets of the P90x business plan and how the program will hurt you more than it will help. In every business there is a strategy to attract prospects, convert those prospects to clients and to retain those clients for long term. That is how you maximize your profits so your business will live happily ever after. It has been horrible over the past 12 years as I picked up new clients who previous trainer had cut their diet to practically zero calories, made them do hours upon hours of cardio and no resistance training whatsoever. Now, did the client get the results they wanted....yes. They lost weight quickly and they were happy!!! Woo hoo! Yeah, but only for a short period of time :( They soon gained the weight back and came crying back to their trainer for more help and to spend more money while not knowing all along why it happened. I vowed to NEVER be this personal trainer and to CALL OUT anyone who was training with bad ethics! P90X happens to be just one of those people! Think about of the dvd's is all about abs and you will do an ab workout for 15 minutes straight. The exercise makes your abs burns like a wild fire and you feel like it is working. Besides the abdominal dvd, you are doing a lot of other body resistance training while your core is engaged, so you are working more abs, every single day of every single workout. If this is not over-training, I don't know what is. Most people want a flat stomach, so they think the more they do abs, the quicker they will lose weight there. That is not true! YOU CAN'T SPOT REDUCE. Meaning you can not lost weight in a particular area by focusing on exercising that area. You will lose your stomach the fastest by doing squats, lunges or step ups. Your heart is working the hardest to push blood to the lower extremities and your building muscle to the largest muscle group in the body, which increased muscle mass increases your metabolism and burns body fat. Besides over-training your muscles, if you are training high intensity for 90 days and you get to day 90 with the best results you have achieved in years, what are your supposed to do after that? There is no "P90x Off Season." Most athletes know how to train to peak their performance for the season, but when the season is over, they still need a specific regimen to either maintain or improve. What is your off season regimen because if you keep this peak performance up all year round, you would definitely be over-training and then eventually plateau. I think the story of the tortoise and the hare will live forever in so many ways because this is true with fitness and exercise. Slow and steady wins the race! No matter how you debate it, you will end up hurting yourself in the long run either by injury, over-training or plateau and no where to go. Tip: Our bodies are like chameleons, we adapt to our surroundings. Take your time adapting if your goal is weight loss or you will increase the risk of injury and falling further behind in reaching your goals. Train Hard! Adam Freeman | Personal Training (910) 338-9899 Wilmington's Weight Loss Specialist
  12. P90X Warnings (Part1)

    I recently had time to study the P90X exercise training program and there are some positives, but some greater negatives about the program. Most people who are buying the dvd set off the tv are looking for weight loss. It all started with "8 Minute Abs" and one new program after the other started to come out of the wood works. P90X has been the latest and greatest...until the next program to surface and there will be a new craze. I am sure if I made a video and called it "AF80...I do it ten days faster," but I change the workouts just enough to make them a little more harder...I would become a millionaire. However...I want to take pride in making my money and if I knew my workout program was hurting people in any which way, shape or form, then I would not produce any such junk. What you see on television are the select few who "may" have gotten their weight loss from the P90X program, but what you don't see are the videos of people who have gotten injured from the video. You would be shocked at all the people I have talked to over the past couple years who have complaints of back and knee pain. Warning #1: Most people don't read the fine print, but the warning label states that the P90X program is built for top notch athletes, but is marketed to people who need to lose weight through exercise. That tells you exactly that the designer of the film cares nothing about you and wants nothing but your money! As a personal trainer here in Wilmington, I care more about my clients than the money they are giving me. I was raised to give nothing but the best service I possibly could and that will always be number one in my book. I am nationally certified to make sure you don't get injured and you get your results safely. If someone can't promise you that, they definitely shouldn't be making a video. Stay tuned, "Warning Part 2" is about how the exercises will hurt you more than they will help. Train Safe, Adam Freeman | Personal Training (910) 338-9899
  13. I have added a new fitness and health directory where you can find, add, review, etc different health and fitness related sites, blogs, etc.