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  1. Calves - the bodybuilders nightmare. There are so many bodybuilders that have amazing upper bodies massive quads/ thighs and then calves that look like they have gone out to graze. LOL They are just not there. So many people ask how can they get massive calves? What is the best way to train and build big calves? Why would they be any more difficult to build than any other muscle? The calf is made up of two muscles 1) the gastrocnemius and 2) the soleus. The gastrocnemius is in two parts. They are called heads. The medial which is the inner head and the lateral which is the outer head. The percentage figures I understand do vary depending where you get your information from. I do not think the exact figures are that important and it is just to give us an idea of their make up and how we can get the most out of them. The gastrocnemius medial head has 51% Fast Twitch fibers and 49% Slow Twitch fibers. The lateral head of the gastrocnemius has 57% Fast Twitch fibers and 43% Slow Twitch fibers. If you think a bicep as more fast twitch fibres than slow twitch fibres so they build quicker and get tired quicker than the calves. In order to get your calves to grow you will need to vary the training that you do for them Here is some great Calves exercises !,-thigh-and-calves-workout
  2. Alright, I wanted to post a sample copy of my workout log. This is posted in word document format so it can be easily formatted to your own liking, but I hope it's helpful for anyone who is looking for a workout log they can easily modify and print. I have had a lot of people tell me they don't use a workout log because they are not sure how to set one up or use one. This one is very simple, and anyone can quickly edit it to their own liking. This one is based on a 4 day workout split, but you can easily add more workout days or change it to suit your own needs. I filled in the first portion so you can see how I keep track of sets/reps/weight. I don't usually write each set, but rather just use the reps/weight to keep track of how many sets I have completed. Workout Routine.docx
  3. In terms of gains in muscle mass, what workout program has worked the best for you?
  4. Any supplements for putting on muscle mass?

    Paul Collins is a genius! This personal trainer has got the brains and knows exactly what functional training is all about. Check out his workout clients will be doing this next week! link below HOT NEW WORKOUT! Train Hard! Adam Freeman | Personal Training (910) 338-9899
  6. P90X (Warning Part2)

    In the first post, we talked about how P90x is for top notch athletes, but is marketed to everyday people who need to lose weight. Also, the exercise program is not designed for everyone and injuries are occurring more often than not. What I want to share in this second half deals with the secrets of the P90x business plan and how the program will hurt you more than it will help. In every business there is a strategy to attract prospects, convert those prospects to clients and to retain those clients for long term. That is how you maximize your profits so your business will live happily ever after. It has been horrible over the past 12 years as I picked up new clients who previous trainer had cut their diet to practically zero calories, made them do hours upon hours of cardio and no resistance training whatsoever. Now, did the client get the results they wanted....yes. They lost weight quickly and they were happy!!! Woo hoo! Yeah, but only for a short period of time :( They soon gained the weight back and came crying back to their trainer for more help and to spend more money while not knowing all along why it happened. I vowed to NEVER be this personal trainer and to CALL OUT anyone who was training with bad ethics! P90X happens to be just one of those people! Think about of the dvd's is all about abs and you will do an ab workout for 15 minutes straight. The exercise makes your abs burns like a wild fire and you feel like it is working. Besides the abdominal dvd, you are doing a lot of other body resistance training while your core is engaged, so you are working more abs, every single day of every single workout. If this is not over-training, I don't know what is. Most people want a flat stomach, so they think the more they do abs, the quicker they will lose weight there. That is not true! YOU CAN'T SPOT REDUCE. Meaning you can not lost weight in a particular area by focusing on exercising that area. You will lose your stomach the fastest by doing squats, lunges or step ups. Your heart is working the hardest to push blood to the lower extremities and your building muscle to the largest muscle group in the body, which increased muscle mass increases your metabolism and burns body fat. Besides over-training your muscles, if you are training high intensity for 90 days and you get to day 90 with the best results you have achieved in years, what are your supposed to do after that? There is no "P90x Off Season." Most athletes know how to train to peak their performance for the season, but when the season is over, they still need a specific regimen to either maintain or improve. What is your off season regimen because if you keep this peak performance up all year round, you would definitely be over-training and then eventually plateau. I think the story of the tortoise and the hare will live forever in so many ways because this is true with fitness and exercise. Slow and steady wins the race! No matter how you debate it, you will end up hurting yourself in the long run either by injury, over-training or plateau and no where to go. Tip: Our bodies are like chameleons, we adapt to our surroundings. Take your time adapting if your goal is weight loss or you will increase the risk of injury and falling further behind in reaching your goals. Train Hard! Adam Freeman | Personal Training (910) 338-9899 Wilmington's Weight Loss Specialist
  7. What workouts have you tried and which ones have given you the best results? I have probably tried almost every workout out there and many have given me results, but a few probably stand out as giving me the most bang for the buck. What about you?