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  1. Calves - the bodybuilders nightmare. There are so many bodybuilders that have amazing upper bodies massive quads/ thighs and then calves that look like they have gone out to graze. LOL They are just not there. So many people ask how can they get massive calves? What is the best way to train and build big calves? Why would they be any more difficult to build than any other muscle? The calf is made up of two muscles 1) the gastrocnemius and 2) the soleus. The gastrocnemius is in two parts. They are called heads. The medial which is the inner head and the lateral which is the outer head. The percentage figures I understand do vary depending where you get your information from. I do not think the exact figures are that important and it is just to give us an idea of their make up and how we can get the most out of them. The gastrocnemius medial head has 51% Fast Twitch fibers and 49% Slow Twitch fibers. The lateral head of the gastrocnemius has 57% Fast Twitch fibers and 43% Slow Twitch fibers. If you think a bicep as more fast twitch fibres than slow twitch fibres so they build quicker and get tired quicker than the calves. In order to get your calves to grow you will need to vary the training that you do for them Here is some great Calves exercises !,-thigh-and-calves-workout
  2. In terms of gains in muscle mass, what workout program has worked the best for you?
  3. Any supplements for putting on muscle mass?
  4. Many times I am asked, "is it possible to turn fat into muscle?". The answer is, no, it's not possible to turn fat into muscle. They are completely different types of body tissues. Muscle is muscle and fat is fat.  This myth has been around far longer than I have, and I am not sure if it will every go away, but the answer is, with 100% certainty, no! You cannot turn fat into muscle.