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  1. In terms of gains in muscle mass, what workout program has worked the best for you?
  2. Can you imagine arriving home and standing in your front yard is a buck naked bodybuilder freaking out on drugs? I am not sure why the couple decided to approach the freak, but they paid a price when they decided to approach the freak in order to figure out what was going on. Of course since they are located in California, they don't have the right to self defense since California is a duty to retreat state, so it looks like they had to wait for the police, who seem to always arrive after a crime has been committed, just like they are supposed to. Anyway, here is the story. COLTON, Calif. (AP) - A husband and wife who suffered head injuries while being beaten by a naked, 300-pound bodybuilder were released from a hospital on Tuesday, authorities said. Meanwhile, suspect Ruben Arzu remained in custody at the hospital after it took four officers, two stun gun blasts and four sets of handcuffs to restrain the 5-foot-10-inch man during a Saturday night rampage on a suburban block in Colton. Full Article Here