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  1. He was more of an influence as a fashion person. My background is in fashion marketing and just like any other person I would look at his page on Sunday. Liquid eyeliner is by far the hardest to apply, as it requires a bit of skill as well as a steady hand. What it lacks in grace of application, it makes up for in definition. The pleating also gave him the opportunity to indulge his fans with the flurry of skirts in his dresses that he’s known for.He closed his show with evening pieces that were classic Bibhu—luxurious, dreamy and red carpet fabulous. To say Bibhu Mohapatra is starting a new beginning is almost Golden Goose Superstar to take away from his process, because this collection shows that his voice as a designer is only refined not redacted. In a world Golden Goose Italy infatuated with celebrity and status, the fundamental idea behind Ford’s work was always, “Wear Gucci and Be a Superstar.” Much like Andy Warhol during the 60s, Ford had an intrinsic understanding of the term ‘Celebrity’, and utilized such creatures to his full advantage. During the course of his illustrious reign, the rich and famous swarmed like bees to honey for his glamorous designs. That naughtiness, that cheeky allure begins before a stiletto takes its first steps on the runway.Each season the audience is welcomed by some visual metaphor of what’s to come. Last season it was a larger than life chandelier suspended just above the parquet floor.The season before that, sky-high mirrors loomed at the top of runway.
  2. Jackets were built to achieve a one-shoulder effect, while skirts were pulled back on one side to either reveal a bare leg and hip or the full leg of a trouser (just the one trouser leg, mind you; the other was exposed as Golden Goose Running the model walked and the skirt flew back behind her). Cutaways were omnipresent, around the midriff of a Grecian-inspired chiffon gown, as well as a more structured corset. You hear over and over again that good skincare is the key to controlling breakouts. If you dont, heres a tip: it is. A more tapered and directional brush can help you buff powder into the surface of your skin rather than let it sit on top. A tightly packed brush will help distribute the product evenly and quickly.[?How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Properly?]Blush Brush:As with the powder brush, a tapered blush brush is always best. Next, Kane gets to the meat of his little science experiment, by copying actual textbook-ready diagrams onto his clothing. Its Kanes deft hand that makes this so successful: a silky pale-green top with flower diagram cut-outs (featuring labeled parts, arrows) could easily veer toward the kitschy, but here it just makes sense as part of the designers cool canon. A. Even at this stage of my career, with a cosmetics contract and all these great things, I’m always interested in testing. Lesson Golden Goose Scarpe Saldi learned: Kids, there are some things you shouldnt try at home. So when I started feeling the itch to go platinum?blonde, I knew Id have to turn to the pros.