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  1. How To Wear 80s Clothes Bottoms. Faded jeans and leggings top the list for 80's bottoms. Pants are usually tight which is paired by big loose shirt. A lot of women wore miniskirt those http://www.goldengoosesalesite.com/ days. You can also wear this over your leggings or lace stockings. TV shows on aerobics and exercises were widely watched that's why exercise and aerobics outfit such as shorts and jogging pants paired with sweatshirt became famous. People were wearing these for their daily outfit even if they are not going to the gym. Jeans with different colors were also part of the trend. Like mini skirt, girls wore very short shorts on top of leggings or lace stockings. Shoes and socks. Tennis shoes and leg warmers were paired with 80's outfit. Wedges, jelly shoes and penny loafers were also "In". Socks with bright colors also add to the list of 80's trends. These were usually paired with high cut sneakers. Accessories. Headbands were popularly used by girls in the 80's. Choose big headbands because all accessories were big those years like big chunky earrings. Long necklace with a big cross pendant was also famous. Layering of accessories was also a trend. Several necklaces were worn as well as bracelets. Accessories were also colorful adding fun to the outfit. Hair and make-up. When they say Golden Goose Sneakers Sale that everything was big in the 80's, it's definitely true because even hair were big back then. To make your look match with your outfit, tease your hair so that it will look bigger and use hair spray to keep it in place. Neutral colors for make-up are out.