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  1. wholesale cheap Hublot BIG BANG SANG BLEU Watches Hublot Bang's Big Bang Sang Bleu Hublot and tattoo artist Maxime Büchi created a provocative and striking new Big Bang Sang Bleu whose name is its name. At first glance, we saw a completely redesigned big bang. Their slopes, geometric lines of emphasis emphasize novelty in the model series. In contrast, the baffles here are hexagonal, and the facets give it a three-dimensional effect. The matte black dial is equipped with a large round satined ring and the time is shaped in it. Maxime Büchi created Arabic numerals for this watch. The seconds counter has a cautious look on the metal sculpture on the dial. The round is in stark contrast to the rest of the piece. The new Big Bang Sang Bleu completely dispenses with the pointer. Therefore, the time is shown on the basis of three overlapping octagonal rhodium-plated disks. The largest of the three slices represents the hour, the smallest minute. To facilitate reading time, the hour and minute octagonal tips are coated with white Superluminova luminescent material. Counting seconds requires a black disk in a central position, and Hublot's H and Bleu Sang's stylized hourglasses are marked.luxury cheap GREUBEL FORSEY Watches The pattern of the dial extends based on the geometry of the structure - a titanium shell up to 45 mm. The Big Bang Sang Bleu watch is fixed on the wrist by a black calfskin strap. Rubber stitched leather is hot stamped in the black to gray range. Big Bang Sang Bleu Titan launched 200 copies, swinging the rhythm of the Unico factory movement. The sport has been completely redesigned without a chronograph. The outline of the rotor shows the triangular structure of the Samburu logo.       Crazy: Hublot Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull Hublot always maintains a wild card and can follow any crazy watch creation, even more crazy, proving the brand time and time again. A recent example of the ladies' watch collection is the Geneva-themed Big Bang Broderie sugar skull: black ceramic, carbon fiber dial and embroidered silk organza. The bezel is set with 36 red spinels and indicators from one to eleven. The bracelet is made of black rubber and is adorned with colored "sugar skull" embroidery on silk satin.best Richard Mille RM 061 cheap watch With Big Bang Broderie, Hublot combines Swiss tradition with 21st century creativity and technology, building a bridge between the past and the future. It pays tribute to the embroidery work of the Swiss goddess in the form of fine embroidery of St. Gallen. The Swiss house Bischoff is a Swiss-made 100% traditional handicraft made in Switzerland. The creative teams of the two houses jointly developed a theme that integrates with the Big Bang design: the skull, the motive of denouncing ulterior motives. Turquoise, navy blue, pink, pink, yellow, orange and purple have inspired the colors of the 2016 fashion show series and have made the new Broderie sugar skull shine with gold and silver threads. On the dial, the red spinel acts as an hour indicator and contrasts sharply with the embroidery of the “skull” pattern of the same name. The bracelet is made of black rubber and is beautifully decorated with arabesques. This colorful line art is captured in a 41 mm case made of black, highly polished ceramic. Like the cherries on the cake, the bezel is set with 36 red spinels. The drive is provided by the HUB1110 self-winding and approximately 42 hours of power reserve. With its waterproof performance up to 100 meters, the Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull will not evade the next underwater visit. If you are interested in Hublot's new lady jewelry, you should be quick. The model is limited to 200 copies.buy cheap U-BOAT watches In the already composite resin, carbon, ceramics, magic gold and cowboys have found their way from the Hublot watch, Switzerland sparked in the last year with the first big explosion broderie "Grand Prix de la montre Dame" in the Grand Prix L's sensation Horlogerie deGenève2015 won. Jean-Claude Beaver, LVMH Watchmaker and President of the Watch & Clocks Hublot: "We are very proud that our legendary Big Blast broderie will be honored by such awards," Beaver said: "In this table two The combination of traditional Swiss crafts and the art of embroidery is a perfect example of Swiss innovation. " There are also two limited edition Hublot Big Bang Broderie sugar skull models to choose from.nice cheap Audemars Piguet men Watches  
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