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  1. In our everyday complex life we tend to ignore the basic way to keep ourselves fit, but there are several ways, for instance you can join a gym and be a part of a fitness army and before hitting the gym we always come up with the motto to stay fit. It is this same motto that is observed by Gold’s gym. Gold’s gym is regarded as one of the benchmark when it comes to gym experience. We have spread our wings across India and immediately it was recognized as one of the Best Gym In India. Gold’s gym is designed with state of the art advanced equipment and in order to enhance your gym experience, we have some of the best trained professionals thus making us one of the best fitness experts in India. The Most Awards Winning Gym: Gold’s gym came to India in the year 2002 ever since it grew up in large number. It bagged several awards and recognitions for its excellence and performance. Gold’s gym became the most recognizable brand among the fitness experts. The Gold’s gym in Delhi NCR region bagged lots of award; the Gold’s gym in sector 14 Gurgaon was awarded with presale amongst all Gold’s gym in Gurgaon, was also awarded with best services in India and then bagged the best gym in Delhi NCR in the year 2013. The consistent service, high end facilities and top class training programs proved it to be one of the best gyms.  And thus it also bagged number one position among Top 10 Gyms in Gurgaon. The sector 43 Gold’s gym won some of the best and recognized awards like the best new gym in India in the year 2014 and even bagged the 2nd best gym in the world. The Gold’s gym in Delhi NCR region was awarded with so many accolades that it made itself stand out of the crowd and made as a shining example. What are you waiting for, sign up and get ready to pumped up with one of the best fitness experts in India.
  2. Best Top 10 Gyms in Gurgaon

    "A healthy body and mind are the pre requisites to leading a fulfilling life", says Ashishh Gupta, one of the Best Fitness Expert India. Ashishh, who runs two Best Gym In Gurgaon is a fitness enthusiast from an early age. After battling weight issues as a child, it was Ashishh's dream to give something back to the society and build a fitness community. This vision drove him to make Gold's Gym, Sector 14 & 43, Gurgaon, among the best Gyms In Gurgaon. Reaching this stage, however, was not an easy job. To create a fitness community in Gurgaon, they needed to generate awareness regarding fitness amongst people and motivate them to join the community. For this, his team set out to conduct surveys and think of innovative ideas that would help them reach out to a large number of people. The results showed that the best way to reach out to the target audience was to find them where they least expected them to be, like, at places of recreation. Ashishh and his team worked tirelessly and came up with a short video motivating people to get fit, that they could screen at movie theatres during commercial breaks. Come visit the Fitness Centers In Gurgaon: Creating a community for fitness is not just about getting people to join the gym. Fitness comes from within, i.e., what we eat has a pivotal role to play in the overall body fitness. Ashishh saw the need for bringing Nutritious Food in Gurgaon and change the eating habits of people that were now just about quick food. So, Ashishh thought of starting a health cafe at both the gyms. It's not a juice bar, but a proper cafe that serves healthy food, with an aim to meet the daily requirement of proteins and carbs. As a result, a lot of members start their day at the gym, with a healthy breakfast or end their day with a hearty dinner that only ensures good health! This serves the dual purpose of providing people with healthy eating options and engraining fitness within our community. In November last year, they started their own food truck which is parked at different locations all over the city. Their truck shows people how healthy food can be tasty and satisfying. This creates a chain reaction, where, when people like the food-they visit the cafe that is within the gym and join this small, but growing, fitness community. The gym is also equipped with 3 And A Half Cafe: Fitness can be achieved simply by exercising. Gym is not for everyone, and the entrepreneur in Ashishh understands that. So, apart from functioning as a regular gym, that is on its way to be the best gym in India, Gold's gyms also host a series of other fitness classes like yogaand pilates in Gurgaon. They also havean outdoor fitness program, called NatureFit, for the people who prefer to be out in the nature. In his bid to give back to the community, Ashishh also holds drives to collect old clothes from his members and distributes them to the less privileged by the means of NGOs. This brings people closer and engrains the essence of community in their minds.