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  1. I use this as well for microcirculation therapy. Definitely improved my o2 saturation! Also noticed my skin is clearer, i feel so much better! Probably what I like most about it is it's painless and VERY convenient. I can do it just at home. Love it!
  2. drug-price-search.com

    I've heard of deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator. It's a type of microcirculation therapy. It's been doing great for my workouts and noticed relevant changes in my skin. They say i'm glowing (i hope not the vampire thing lol). Anyway, yeah i'm amazed that it's been doing these good things to my body. I also noticed i sleep better at night too.
  3. Hey dbjackson, I also happen to have the same treatment, microcirculation therapy. it uses medical grade vaporized co2 delivered through the skin. It then signals our body to "deliver" more oxygenated blood all throughout the body. The device they provided helps me measure my o2 saturation, and there's a marked increase after I use it! Initially used it for my back pain since I read somewhere that it helps manage pain. But i then noticed that it also improved my stamina when I jog. Been using it eversince.
  4. Deoxyhemoglobin Vasodilator

    Great! I've been using it for months now and it's been amazing! I've also been keeping up with different clinical trials and studies on the benefits of improving our microcirculation. It has a systemic effect so basically, if we improve that, our circulation even at the smallest of blood vessels would be able to deliver nutrients and o2 to hard to reach areas! And it's very easy to use. <3
  5. How to increase metabolism?

    I am from FL and I'm on my 10th week with Doxyva! I've noticed i'm rejuvinated and my elimination pattern has become regular. I'm not sick, I mean I don't have any known illness or what not, I just use it for my overall well-being and it's been great! And one thing I like best, I can do the therapy whenever and wherever I want!