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  1. All about Yoga

    Can you demonstrate for us Mia?
  2. Your both coconuts.
  3. Running Tips

    Glad I do not live in a place like that.
  4. Foods That "Do" the Weight Loss For You

    fen fen, oh wait...
  5. Hello from a seasoned personal trainer

    Welcome Brad! Did we lose you already?
  6. Oh it happens do not ask me how I know.
  7. Running Tips

    Our schools are open without any fences at all. I cannot imagine living in a place that fences off their schools.
  8. I try to avoid eating at fast food whenever possible. I get tired of dealing with the dirty workers who probably spit in your food!
  9. Something tells me he is not planning coming back. Just sayin.
  10. All about Yoga

    Now yore talkin!
  11. How did you lose weight?

    I guess that is another option.
  12. Increase Metabolism

    I had to cook and I do not like cooking! Carbs are convenient.