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  1. Which Supplements?

    Thanks, i'll try it and observe if it works for me =)
  2. Yep, try it for sometimes. It really works for me :canada:
  3. Awesome!!! those are extreme sports, I always wanted to try the BMX stunts but I made my Mom worried haha!
  4. That would be very interesting for me to learn. I'll check it out =) thanks!
  5. Is Home Gym Effective?

    Hi Bob, Yeah! true.. so many distractions at first but I got used to it, focusing mainly on my goal to maintain the right weight for me and be fit always. Being in the gym is always my first choice but I'm really busy and have no much time to go there. I use some alternatives when I can go there. =)
  6. Wow!! that's a huge no. of books, I would like to check out no. 6 Explosive Running by Dr Yessis since I'm into running. Well, as for me, I've read much online rather than books.
  7. No Pain No Gain

    My answer is yes, to succeed you have to fail first. You have to invest something to get what you really wanted just like in muscle building, sports et. IMO
  8. I love sports but much more on extreme one's.. Im so into wall climbing and mountaineering. Aside from travelling and viewing the wonders of nature it also gives me the opportunity to keep healthy and fit. How about you??
  9. Which Supplements?

    Hi Bob. Could you please suggest a good supplement to strengthen my immune system aside from ascorbic acids??? have you had any idea o this? please share.. thanks a lot! =)
  10. One thing that I can share, before the event of a sport keep yourself hydrated and in good condition. Avoid engaging into sports when you lack sleep or when you just recovered from a severe illness, check with your doctor first. How about you?? what are the things that you usually do before playing a game or engaging into sports?
  11. thanks Peaches =) nice to meet you all here
  12. You can just eat it like an apple. But for more effective results, you should prepare pears as the following: 1. Prepare 2 pears, 4 cups of water (250ml), 4 table spoons of honey. 2. Cut the pears in half, dig out the core using a spoon. 3. Boil the pears in the water and honey until it becomes soft. You can also steam it. Please note: If you have a watery nose, or a cough with phlegm, you should not eat pears.
  13. i believe that this fat loss supplement might be bad for your health better stick with the exercise and diet. Go to the gym and stretch your muscles and burn calories.
  14. Is Home Gym Effective?

    Effective depending on how consistent you exercise will be and also your diet must be considered. I'm still using my abrocket for 3x per week, then jog for 6lapses 3x per week.. =)
  15. What Workouts Have You Tried?

    I've done some gym workouts before but now I'm used to running, wall climbing and hiking as my sports. It really burns my calories faster =)