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  1. 3 very important tips:

    By performing this diet if you or if you should take 2 liters of water, as much fluid you lose during the 3 Week Diet During this diet you should not make any kind of exercise, and you'll have a lot of very low calories and then give your health at risk if you are a person who is very active would advise you to increase portions to make this diet If you feel listless when making diet or weak stop the diet immediately Final conclusions about the diet of 3 Days Unfortunately if you are not of legal age, the right thing is not to apply this diet because your body is still developing and needs adequate food The diet of 3 Days has a rebound effect, if not solid food with adequate physical activity, is why after completing this diet, I advise you to buy the Diet 3 Weeks On this diet you lose a lot of liquid which is super important suppleness, 2 liters of water every day If you are a person performing sport I advise interrupt because it also will lose muscle mas