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  1. how to gain weight ?

    Hey there, I am also a skinny girl and wanted to gain weight as I have a wedding coming up next month over here in Boca Raton. My fiance is healthier than me so I really wanted to gain weight to match somewhat to his personality. Then after reading on the Internet about weight gain I came across these helpful tips: Don't drink water before meals. Eat more often. Drink milk or milkshakes. Include in your diet protein foods like chicken, eggs, meat, fish, almonds, etc. Keep track of everything you eat. Include exercise in your daily routine. Get quality sleep. These tips are really helping me to gain weight hope this will work for you as well. 
  2. weight loss tips for beginner

    Great tips for reducing weight. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Hello!

    Hello this is Shirley, a new member to this forum from US.