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  1. How to increase metabolism?

    C, This is great! Have  you gotten to the point where you are using less cartridges per week which makes these alternatives even more valuable? I have!   db
  2. Gaining weight - start vaping?

    Sal,   I was on the vapes for a while but it is so thin and unlike normal smoke that it was about a three month fad! Try medical grade CO2 therapy-Deoxyhemoglobin Vasodilator...you apply it on your skin and it feels like a vapor mist....it increases blood flow and improves metabolism, while giving you more energy and is certainly worth the research to see if it is appropriate for yourself.   db    
  3. Has  anyone researched the benefits that oxygen offload due to increased CO2 levels offers? There is a new five minute application that is measurable and it's effect on your % oxygenated hemoglobin- which has lasting health benefits across-the-board including pain management blood pressure management and better sleep   DJ
  4. I am into my 2nd month of Noninvasive transdermal CO2 therapy, am able to sleep much better and manage strenuous workout schedule. It's a five minute application. and is portable and easy to use. I continue to measure my perfusion index in order to monitor my blood oxygenation levels. dbj
  5. drug-price-search.com

    Have you considered the cost-effective Deoxyhemoglobin Vasodilator treatment which improves circulation to possibly eliminate one or two meds that you currently have to take altogether?   db
  6. Co2 Therapy-Transdermal,  noninvasive and  easy to use at home- blood flow up/heart rate down. Sp O2 levels (of oxygenation) double -really?    D
  7. Apparently, this increases your SPO2 levels exponentially which is a good thing for. microcirculation...The microcirculation or tiniest blood vessels in your respiratory and cardiovascular systems are affected with a single five minute treatment applied transdermally (on skin) which can be measured....has anyone seen any information regarding athletic performance and the effects of deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator?
  8. Microcirculation and  metabolism can be improved by a mechanism of delivery that uses FDA approved CO2 to induce oxygen release in targeted areas...has anyone had their pinch of  deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator today?
  9. I have been taking cartridges for two weeks now and see consistent drops in blood pressure heart rate and oxygenation levels as measured by a diagnostic device. Better sleep. Noticeable increase in energy and flexibility.
  10. New in this forum

    welcome Elmer...do you work out during the week?    DJ welcome Elmer! Do you work out during the week?
  11. Do research! Find out how Microcirculation  can be immediately improved independently and managed long- term with the effects of lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and increased oxygenation levels. Have you heard of Deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator?  It is a way for people to be energized, mobilized, and heal themselves... DJ
  12. Can't wait to get my cartridges Evah...There is a lot of information available on microcirculation and deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator. I am using it to improve the cardiovascular part of my daily workouts with quicker recovery and some chronic inflammation and pain in my left ankle area...check out the YouTube informational on it...
  13. medical grade C02 has long been used in surgery...in some cases to increase cerebral  blood flow, so can that help increase the length of my cardio?