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  1. How to increase metabolism?

    Thank you guys, I am on trial with doxyva, so far- Ive increased my muscle mass and recovery time is good- both helps my metabolism go faster.
  2. weight loss tips for beginner

    Great tips! I'm also using doxyva microcirculation therapy to enhance strength, endurance and speed up recovery.
  3. How to increase metabolism?

    Aside from walking/running, strength exercise, and diet? Has anyone tried some deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator microcirculation therapy? Just wondering if you heard it before... this was just recently introduced by a friend to me whose been using it over a year, like me she has a slow metabolism and it seems working with her. I just need some honest opinion from anyone in this forum. I really want to lose weight and as soon as I lost some 5-10 lbs- things get challenging.
  4. I've seen it! Good that it is not taken orally or give invasively. Do you think there are side effects? I can't wait to improve recovery period. I am usually so sore 2-3 days after. hehe
  5. Hi Jack, Thank you. I am doing these, and recently I'm training for triathlon and Ive been researching on recovery period, etc. Have you tried something that boosts microcirculation? It is a called deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator, it claims to safely boosts circulation and helps with recovery. I am not sure yet though, as I looked through their website there are reviews but I am hoping somebody here will give me an honest opinion on it.
  6. Has anyone tried microcirculation therapy? It is a deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator that safely boosts circulation.