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  1. Is skipping good for weight loss?

    Hi All,  I'm new to the community here; I am an absolute amateur here when it comes to losing weight.  I’m trying to arrange a weight loss routine that suits me well, I need to lose weight but I don't really enjoy exercise to be honest. I was looking for some equipment that I can use that I might find more enjoyable than going for a run for instance and found a site selling skipping ropes. Is skipping actually going to benefit me for losing weight? As you can see these are a cost effective option and this is something that I would enjoy?  I was also thinking that a trampoline would be quite good, it's not quite as cost effective for me but would the weight loss benefits be worth it?  Thanks everyone in advance for your help.  
  2. New member

    Hi All,  I'm a new member here in the community, I'm looking to get on a weight loss journey after not really looking after my body for a long time.  I hope that this community can give me some of the tips and help I need as well as support along the way.  Thank you everybody!