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  1. Increase Metabolism

    Hahaha don't eat food 24 days old!!!! I think he meant 24 hours though.
  2. My 5minuite exercise plans

    All the trainers I know use canned routines. Its lazy and unprofessional.
  3. Foods That "Do" the Weight Loss For You

    How long did you take it and how long did it take to lose weight Mia?
  4. Running Tips

    That sucks you should move out of there. Sounds terrible.
  5. Hello from a seasoned personal trainer

    Another trainer, welcome!
  6. It should be strength training vs. bodybuilding.
  7. Running Tips

    That does sound weird. Where do the kids go to play after school? Are they stuck at home? What is the obesity rate in Nevada?
  8.  I will have to dig them up and find them again. I will post them after I find them.
  9. I warm up and stretch the whole body and do some specific warm ups and stretching.
  10. Hiya

    Welcome Martina.
  11. Top 10 Fitness Myths

    True statement.
  12. My 5minuite exercise plans

    Same 2lbs a week limit here too.
  13. Some studies have shown garlic to not be as useful as we originally thought.
  14. Running Tips

    Get out there and get your body moving. Does not matter what you are doing just do something.