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  1. Exercise Routine, help

    To each beginner, I would suggest a full body training three times weekly. One exercise for each muscle group per training, only basic exercises. For example, exercises would be as following: Chest - bench press/dumbell press/dips (wide, narrow) Back - chin ups/pull ups/barbel rows/dumbbell rows/deadlift (wide, narrow) Legs - squats (all types) That would also do arms and shoulders. After a few weeks or months, I would drop in the isolation exercises and gradually convert the full body training to split training. People are not aware how great they can benefit from these exercises. I am very sorry I didn't start my gym story with full body training. I had trained only biceps, back and abs. Now I am struggling with the issues: overdeveloped back muscles/biceps/quadriceps, underdeveloped chest muscles and triceps. My calves are also underdeveloped, due to genetics. I have tried hundreds of different training programs for calves, but neither one worked for me. Also, the most important thing that I had neglected during my first workouts is nutrition. I gained some muscles quickly but came to a certain point where my "begginer" gains ended. After a year of wandering I realized how the nutrition is important and I was back on track, fully motivated. This is a message to all begginers: LEARN FROM THE MISTAKES OF OTHERS, in order to achieve maximum possible results in shortest possible time. Don't waste your time doing it on "your" way, like I did.