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  1. How can we protect ourselves when the food & fruits are full of pesticides? Nutritional supplements are full of harmful synthetic elements. Please tell me a good source for natural elements based supplement.  
  2. Weight lose fastly

    I am a thyroid patient and want to lose my weight. I'm on a diet and medicines. Do I still need to exercise?
  3. Weight lose fastly

    Hey Araya  Please give me information where I can purchase these product.
  4. This survey Keeps you Naturally fit We and our close ones are consuming adulterated and zunk eatable things which results in reduction of our enthuse and immunity.        Is this beneficial for us? or we need to intake some nutritions and physically fit food to have a healthy life and body.   This survey is to understand the current nutritional intake pattern of an average Indian   http://survey.nutriwatchers.com/survey2.php