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  1. Body Mass Index

    No, BMI is never the most comprehensive determination of one's weight loss regime and I can tell you this from my personal experience. 
  2. Running Tips

    ​I think I have to agree to this statement of yours.
  3. Lemons

    Yeah, I am a big fan of lemons too and I can have them with any foods literally. It is great to have lemons since they also prevent from many GI tract diseases.
  4. How to geat a six pack in Week

    You must be kidding when you say that you want to have six packs in a week's time or so because definitely it does require some good amount of time. 
  5. Exercise Routine, help

    ​Oh wow, .....amazing and I am really impressed by this routine of yours. It is a lot if you do it on daily basis and I must appreciate you for that.
  6. Foods That "Do" the Weight Loss For You

    There is an eastern herb known as "Ispaghol" and it has got great fiber content. You know my uncle's family lives in India and they brought it from here. I found it extremely effective though. 
  7. Wow, that is an interesting and I would actually say, a rather controversial piece of information, lol......
  8. Drinking lots of water does help big time in reducing weight and also it is extremely good for the glow of your skin. 
  9. Home Gym?

    ​Lol, what are you talking about man? It was way back in early 1990s when neither the digital cameras nor the cell phone cameras were there. So, I don't even remotely think so that I would have a picture of that equipment. :(
  10. ​Oh that is nice then. What that means is that I can easily use it any time in the day since I am not currently working. Oh but my husband will kill me if it has for a very strong smell, lol, just kidding.......
  11. Green Vegetables

    ​Well, to be honest, they don't like a green apple too. Even then, the smoothie idea is a good one and I must try that for my kids. Will let you know if that one works out or not. ;) 
  12. My 5minuite exercise plans

    I think all the state governments should look into this matter, that is, there should be a very strict check on the personal trainers even though they may be certified. 
  13. ​Oh nice tip. So how often do you apply that on your skin? And is it okay to use anywhere on your skin or there are specific areas where it is recommended to use coconut oil?
  14. Green Vegetables

    Oh I am such a big lover of green vegetables especially Asparagus. I try to cook Asparagus at least once every week. However, my kids don't like it a lot, sadly in fact many kids don't like green vegetables, these days. :(
  15. Foods That "Do" the Weight Loss For You

    Bananas have got good fiber content and these are satisfying too when it comes to hunger. I have found them good in this sense that they give a very satisfying feeling.