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  1. Green Vegetables

    I was not a great lover of green vegetables while I was a kid or even in my teenage years. However, as I grew older, I recognized the importance of green vegetables and started eating them.
  2. Home Gym?

    ​So do you have a picture of home gym? If you have, then paste it and I will love to have a comparison with Bob's home gym. ;)
  3. Foods That "Do" the Weight Loss For You

    Now this is a brilliant post and extremely informative as well. I had no ideas whatsoever that all these foods contain fiber content. 
  4. Body Mass Index

    Hmmmmm, may we agree to disagree here? Bob and Martina...? ^^^ I think that it is a very good indicator regarding weight loss and it is not just used to academic purposes. :(      
  5. How did you lose weight?

    Low carb diet, I mean, so one needs to leave the french fries and burger? Its quite hard for most of the people to do so despite that I am not one of those people. :(
  6. Home Gym?

    ​Oh my word, lol....but why would you need to move it anyway? I mean, I am just curious to ask this. ;)
  7. Boxing as workout

    ​What does MMA stand for? Lol, sorry, call me an ignorant but I am really not familiar with this term. :(
  8. Yeah, absolutely right. I think mental health has a lot to do with your driving and until and unless you are mentally 100%, you should not drive. This is because if you drive while you are partially mentally unstable, you not only are putting your own life at risk but also the life of others around you. 
  9. Promoting this site

    Although I am not an expert of this field, yet I know that there is a phenomenon called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which basically ranks your website on Google as well as other search engines. So the better the SEO of any site of forum is, the higher its ranking is, in Google and other search engines.  Therefore, I would suggest you to make the SEO of this forum as better as you can. There are some techniques of doing so and I am not aware of them, but obviously, a professional of this field would be able to help you.   Secondly, FB, although I am not a user of it but millions of people across the globe do use it on daily basis. Having said that, obviously, it is a good idea to promote your forum through FB. In addition to that, anything that I could do for you will make me more than happy.  
  10. Body Mass Index

    Do I was just wondering does anyone use BMI while on a weight loss regime? I personally use it almost all the time and find it quite helpful. I would like to have the opinions of others too in this particular regard.  Let us discuss. 
  11. Light stretching and a bit of warm up before beginning the sport are generally useful. However, these will not really work if you are going to play American football. :( 
  12. Coconut Oil Remedies

    ​That is interesting, I must try it then. I thought it would have very strong flavor/taste of coconut. Personally, I do not love the strong flavor of coconut. :( 
  13. Weight Loss

    ​Yes absolutely, you are so right. I mean, you can say this way my own idea of drinking more water and doing brisk walk daily. I did not specifically talk to a personal trainer or any dietitian and still I got the desired results, which felt quite good.
  14. Home Gym?

    ​And you were excellent in making that decision. Now you can easily make others jealous, lol.... ;)
  15. Smoking and its Company

    ^^^ Yes agreed, it is better to stay away from smoking, as compared to quitting it afterwards. :(