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  1. Is skipping good for weight loss?

    Skipping ropes is a good idea to lose weight. You are right, it is also cost effective. Melting excess fat is prime object to continue your exercise. Other thing is that your form of exercise need to match  with your age,  body capacity and interest. 
  2. Martial Artists — Cheerleaders In Disguise?

    I have gone through the content in the mentioned link related to female karate and various physical activities. No doubt it develops core skills. The skills that are useful and really helpful to achieve success. There are many physical activities that enhance mental concentration and co-ordination as well.  All those have nicely pointed.
  3. Some people prefer to wear glasses. They think it to be a good one as a fashion item. Sun glass is necessary  to protect your eyes from scorching heat of the sun. How is it about fashion ? 
  4. Falling hair is really a problem !

    No, I was not aware of herbal remedies then.
  5. weight loss tips for beginner

    Good suggestion. Some people drink water before taking main meal. They do it for less consumption of food. Is it okay ?
  6. Falling hair is really a problem !

    Yes, recently I have researched on the issue and have written an article on the topic. Here is the link: https://herbalmedicineone.wordpress.com/2015/05/20/how-to-stop-your-hair-loss-and-start-re-growth/
  7. Falling hair is really a problem !

    You are fortunate enough,Bob. My case is different. Half of it has already gone. My dad also suffered from hair falling.
  8. I actually don’t know why it happens to many. Healthy  growth of hair is desirable to all. Is it something wrong with the scalp or obese to junk food and avoid vegetables or inherited problem that many people  have to suffer from generation to generation. Some people are doing brisk business on the  falling hair. Their assurance of hair plantation is also not clear to me.  What goes on with falling hair ? 
  9. All about Yoga

    The photos on yoga are great. You should consider your age and ability when you go for yoga exercise. All positions are not suitable for all. There are some easy positions, newbies, aged people should follow those positions. No matter, gradually you would adjust all positions. Yoga is great for physical and mental fitness.
  10. The brain that we have is the greatest gift for human being. This mysterious organ distinguishes us from other animals. We, the human beings are considered to be great for our innovation and creation. The brain is an activity based organ. It is incredible in action as well as complex in nature. We need to keep this vital human organ fit and healthy. What can be your suggestion to keep its function smooth and more sharpen ? A few has been highlighted in the following link. http://tanvirnabi.blogspot.com/2015/04/how-to-use-brain-more-effectively.html   
  11. Who does not want to be beautiful, attractive, prettier and Center of attraction? All, irrespective of Gender desire to be better looking man and woman. The companies related to beauty products mainly focus on the girls. But my thought on beauty products is not encouraging and positive. I consider those products as harmful to the skins. In most cases the skin bears the side effects of those chemically formulated beauty products.  So what can be the alternatives? How can medicinal nature of herbs beautify the skin without doing anything bad and harmful to the skin?  
  12. Lemons

    I enjoy lemon tea. Its flavor also attracts me. Some time I chew slice of raw lemon though I am not aware of my chewing benefit but I do.
  13. Prehospital Care Report is immensely important to determine the assessment of the patients. Knowing patients and their overall health condition is always helpful to determine further course of action that require to do. You need to include patient's name, address, DOB, age, few numbers and codes. Chief complaint, subjective assessment, objective assessment and so on are factors to include in PCR. you can find more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-7TSLwyFKk So it is important to write PCR to reflect details about patient.
  14. Smoking and its Company

    Attraction for forbidden things is human nature and it has been practising  since at the dawn of civilization or inception of human evolution.These human follies have been taken deep rooted foot in the human character. It is the same way people fall in the tobacco trap though they know its serious consequence. Even the field where tobacco is harvested become barren later but who cares. Its cultivation goes on without hindrance and this is a tragedy. 
  15. Morning is a vital period for the whole day. A good starting for the day should be focused on with breakfast that contain with required  nutrition. Most often the people pass a hectic day and many of them  care little  to their morning breakfast.  It is also my curiosity to know what best breakfast can offer me a day with full vigor.