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  1. Top 10 Fitness Myths

    Thanks champ.
  2. Hello all members!

    Hello Kelly. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Weight Loss

    I know what you mean. There's one anytime club 2mins away from my gym. It will be interesting how they're go in 5-10years.
  4. Weight Loss

    I know what you mean. A couple of years I was thinking of opening one up, but know the market has been saturated and there's 24 hrs fitness clubs opening up everywhere. But Let me know how it goes??
  5. Weight Loss

    Thanks champ. I read one of your post that you were starting a gym or studio.hows that going??
  6. Weight Loss

    Right now: I've been keeping my calories around under 2000. Macro goals Protein 222. Grams Carbs 150 fats 55grams. Did my weigin today. I'm down to 101kg. So 2 KGs lost. Very happy
  7. Weight Loss

    Hey bob. My goals is to get down to under 90kgs. I'm around 100-103kg. I hope to achieve this by late December. Around holiday season. Been training for a while. But this week is week 1. Finally got my nutrition right.
  8. Top 10 Fitness Myths

    Hey bob really love the top 10 fit myths. Just joined the forum couple of weeks ago. Really love the tools and tips. I was wondering if I can add these tips on my blog. If that's ok. http://www.road26.com/
  9. Weight Loss

    Hey guys. Starting my new journey today. Plan on doing 2 weight sessions and 4 x 30min walks. Do you think this enough
  10. Hello. Anybody here. This is my First TIme!!

    Thanks bob
  11. Hey Guys,   Sorry for the terrible title, just wanted to make sure I get noticed.  My name is Palu, IM 25 yrs old and I live in Australia. My current goal is to get down to 85-87kg. Currently weighing 100kgs or 220lbs. Just got my dexa results Body Fat percent is 26.8 percent. Hopefully this communtiy can help me to achieve my goal.