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  1. How's the routine going Farzan?

  2. Exercise Routine, help

    Your the best Bob, just a life saver, cant thank you enough , have a new routine now starting it fresh tomorrow and ill keep you updated on everything thanks for all your help im sure ill be posting again soon in the future and not to mention a blog. thank you heaps.
  3. Exercise Routine, help

    Sounds good ill have to work my abs in there somewhere as well. only other questing i had was , are there any other upper back exercises you can recommend, as i do most my work at home but i dont have a rowing machine. at the moment this is what is have day 5: repeat day 2 3 x Barbell Deadlift , set of 12 3 x Barbell Full Squat , set of 12 3 x Dumbbell Lunges , set of 12 4 x squats with a band , set of 12 or (using HIT method) - + crunches / abs exercises
  4. Exercise Routine, help

    Here is my new system (would you recommend i change anything / replace anything ) Day 1: 3 x Bench press (wide grip) , sets of 12 3 x Barbell Shoulder Press , sets of 12 3 x Benched dumbbell flys , set of 12 3 x Barbell Curls , set of 12 3 x Dumbell Curls , set of 12 day 2: 3 x Barbell Deadlift , set of 12 3 x Barbell Full Squat , set of 12 3 x Dumbbell Lunges , set of 12 - - day 3: rest day 4: Repeat day 1 (some smaller variations) 3 x Bench press (wide grip) , sets of 12 3 x Dumbbell Shoulder Press , sets of 12 (changed to dumbbell from barbell ) 3 x Benched dumbbell flys , set of 12 3 x Standing dumbbell Lateral Raises , set of 12 ( different exercise ) 3 x Dumbbell Curls , set of 12 day 5: repeat day 2 3 x Barbell Deadlift , set of 12 3 x Barbell Full Squat , set of 12 3 x Dumbbell Lunges , set of 12 - - Day 6: 3 x Barbell Curls , set of 12 3 x Cross body Hammer Curl , set of 12 3 x Skull crushes , set of 12 3 x bench dips , set of 12 3 x Rocking Standing Calf Raise , set of 12 Day 7: rest Obviously im using as much from what i know, but if you think any of these exercises should be different ill change them to as you advise. Also Im not too knowledgeable on back and leg exercises so i was only able to find 3 exercises i thought that fit ( as shown on day 2 ), please help me in that area if you are able. my other inquiry is can i on one of my rest days incorporate a 20 min jog/run and is there any need for stomach exercises at this point ? once again your advice and knowledge is most greatly appreciated Bob.
  5. Exercise Routine, help

    WOW, Bob that's incredible i cant thank you enough, no one has taken the time to explain it to me so clearly, know that i will def follow through on this. Im gonna try your workout and start a blog to keep you updated. plus i just wanted to make sure i have this correct , when you mentioned "Weeks 1 - 3: 2 sets of 15 reps" for example you are saying that i only do 2 sets per exercise , am i correct? ok i guess my nest step is to find the best exercises to allocate to these days for these muscle groups , ill do this and get back to you . Thanks again for the constant updates and information , im loving all that im being told
  6. Exercise Routine, help

    on the contrary thank you deeply for the long post , the more info you throw at me the better. as for my injury to my lower back, i have waited almost 1 and 1/2 months between starting in depth exercise and my back is 100% better no need to hold back at all i have seen a doctor and a chiropractor whom both told me it was a muscle injury but just to take it easy when starting back up also been doing lots of yoga exercises and the odd one off set of squats and pushups jjust to keep the muscles at bay, but nothing strenuous. im not on any form of steroids as it is illegal here (Australia) although i have not looked into it at all so i could be wrong. yes you are 100% correct for the first 3/6 months i saw great results but after which nothing really changed, even with the diet and even with the protein shakes no real results were being met. I had the odd injury here and there but nothing that id say would cause me to suffer in the gym or to cause a lack of gain (this is not including my recent injury) I have since changed a wrote up a new routine to start, as i have been researching and asking as many ppl as i can on the topic including yourself this is what i came up with: 1: Chest/Shoulders/Tris 2: Back/Bis 3: Rest 4: Legs/abs 5: Rest Repeat (or rest another day depending on recovery and how sore i am) what do you think? , if you think this is an ok start then ill begin to set up the exercises to go with the days.
  7. Exercise Routine, help

    I am 28 years old Weight is: 78kg Height : 172.5 according to online calculators (3 iv done) body fat: 9.23 % using the U.S. Navy body fat formula Meals, morn: oats plus banana, 3 egg whites and a yoke and 2 pieces of brown whole wheat toast snack: banana lunch: chicken breast, lean beef with rice Or Pasta with a little bit of lean meat pre workout: Almonds, broccoli, a banana and some milk (30 min b4) post workout: protein shake + chicken breast usually sometimes pasta Night snack: some fruit or plain toast and maybe some milk Very committed to this routine, also very rarely drink and if so , no beer and no more than 2/3 drinks a night. I do stomach every day because im afraid of getting a gut and want to get it as toned as i can I was told it was ok to do stomach most every day, but now im not to sure and although its toned my stomach id appreciate an experts point of view. I learned most this off a friend whom does body building , but got a better understanding from bodybuilding.com (mostly on technique / isolating etc ) have done this routine / similar to this for about a year. I had a lower back injury, (muscles not bone) that caused me allot of pain, but its since cleared up and i am able put hard pressure on it again without any problem.
  8. Thanks heaps bob, also for your help so far :)

  9. Exercise Routine, help

    Hello all, this is my main muscle building plan, i am posting this as i know there are those that have so very much more experience than me and can help me out in changing and or generally advising me if im doing anything wrong. and what to do to better my routine and how to better my routine. day 1: chest 5 x bench press , sets of 12 4 x seated incline dumbbell lifts, set of 15/12 4 x incline bench press , set of 12 /10 4 x benched dumbbell flys finish with large sets of various stomach exercises. protein shake and meal day 2: Shoulders 5 x seated dumbbell raises, sets of 10/12 4 x Standing dumbbel Lateral Raises, set of 15/20 4 x seated barbell Shoulder Press , set of 12/10 4 x Seated dumbbell Lateral Raises, set of 12/15 finish with large sets of various stomach exercises. protein shake and meal day 3: chest Cardio: 20/40 min run finish with large sets of various stomach exercises. protein shake and meal day 4: Triceps 3 x Tricep Dumbbell Kickback , sets of 12/10 per arm 3 x Overhead Triceps Extension (with dumbbells) 10/15 per arm 3 x skull crushes , 12/10 per set 4 x bench dips , set of 15/20 finish with large sets of various stomach exercises. protein shake and meal day 5: Biceps 5 x Barbell Curl , sets of 12/10 4 x Biceps curls 10/12 per arm 4 x Cross body Hammer Curl , 12/10 per set 4 x Zottman , set of 12/15 finish with large sets of various stomach exercises. protein shake and meal 1 or 2 days rest and then repeat. I am aware there is no back or leg exercises due to an injury that is now better, but would appreciate any and all critique to current exercises and how to better them and what i should be doing if i am doing something wrong, Also i do stomach almost every day, the results are great but i do allot of stomach exercises with varied intensity (high and low) but should i isolate this to just 1 or 2 days a per exercise cycle or continue ? all feedback welcome and greatly appreciated.
  10. Nitric Oxcide Pills

    I have been training for a good 1 and 1/2 years and i use to be pretty skinny, i have since put on about 10k of lean muscle im now a fluctuating 80kg. I also train at home, but my main problem is iv tried allot of diff supplements, and prior to my post i use to only have a small meal / snack b4 my workout ie. some broccoli, almonds and maybe a small portion of lean meat. so i thought id look further into how to better my pre-workout. as i said before im fairly new to this and i guess the place i could use the best advice is when it comes to meal structure and supplements. at the moment leading to my workout i eat 20min b4 , have a protein shake after and have a lean meal like chicken breast and maybe a little rice or pasta after. any advice you can give me i would greatly appreciate
  11. Nitric Oxcide Pills

    thanks for the input, im obviously trying to add lean muscle mass, is L-Arginine something that id take as a post workout supplement. whats a good pre workout nutrient/anything
  12. Welcome to YourOnlineFitness.com Farzan.

  13. Hello my question is simple and i hope someone more experienced can help me. I take a protein powder and have a meal within 1hr of my workout but i have just gotten some Nitric oxide pills: https://powerhealthdirect.com/powerpump/ My question is do i take these pills pre or post workout and if its post workout, am i to take it along with my powder and then a meal or is that too much ????? , and if its pre can i take this with a small meal please help , thanks