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  1. 19 Years Old and In Need of Help

    Yes, I am agree with Bob, you should eat high protein foods and reduce your daily carbs intake. The best natural protein sources are egg, fish , peas, chickpeas, spinach, broccoli, mushroom and lettuce. Fish should be eaten only 1-2 times a week. If you want to remove fat from your belly area do some stretching exercise like yoga. Egg is a good belly fat burner. Cary Weight Loss
  2. What Is The Good Health Exercise Routine

    If I have to list the best healthy exercise plan I would list it as.... Daily Cardio exercise in the morning and light cardio like walking at night. Stretching and bending exercises to get a lean and perfect body shape. A good diet plan including fresh fruits and vegetables to provide strength and keep fat in control. Cary Weight Loss
  3. Losing Weight After The Holidays

    Actually during holidays we don't care about our fitness and health and want to enjoy more and more moments in the best way. We eat anything tasty and spicy during holidays and the result is that we gain some weight. The best way to control this weight is ti keep yourself in control during holidays. Don't compromise no exercise and do a regular exercise even in holidays. Eat healthy foods to keep your weight in control. Cary Weight Loss
  4. I have fats around my belly

    I noticed that ordinary exercises don't work for belly fat removal. So to remove belly fat stretching exercises are required that pull up belly muscles. Backward bending and stretching is useful for belly fat removal. Egg is the best food to fight against belly fat and to have a flat stomach.
  5. I think its a true study, eating high protein foods before heavy workouts is suitable for getting good fitness results. Bodybuilders tend to use high protein supplement before workouts.