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  1. Medicinal Properties of Grape Seeds

    Another supplement that I take for it's many health benefits. I wish more people would realize how much these simple herbs can help prevent and in many times cure disease.
  2. I take White Willow Bark instead of Aspirin or other pain killer. It's the natural alternative and works great.
  3. I don't get it, why do people still spam forums. What a waste of space. I have pretty much given up on this site due to the useless spammers. You spammers destroy sites and cause many to go offline. Good information removed from the internet due to spammers. I hope google will one day find a way to penalize the sites you link your spam too.
  4. I am not sure what you're asking Wilson.
  5. 5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight at the Gym

    True, I see many people making the mistake of low intensity cardio for an hour at a time. What a waste of time and energy. Much better to perform 10 minutes of high intensity cardio.
  6. Sounds like Echinacae would work nicely with Elderberry for the flu. It's flu season, hopefully people will realize there is a natural remedy that can help them never catch the flu!
  7. Echinacea Purpurea Extract - One Solution to Many Ailments

    Nice article, I use Echinacea for many ailments. It's great stuff.
  8. Thank you, too bad more people don't realize how beneficial Elderberry is when trying to avoid the flu. I have a family of 6 now, and I have to say, we still have never caught the flu when we start taking Elderberry syrup regularly during flu system. This was first written in 2010! That's 5 years, and my kids all go to public school where the flu goes around every single year.
  9. Yeah, I like ginger tea myself, but use it mainly for stomach issue such as acid reflux.
  10. Green Vegetables

    Yeah, it's probably a good idea to mix in some type of fruit you like the taste of.
  11. Home Gym?

    I ended up selling the gym, but regret it now!!
  12. Completely false, fat and muscle are completely different types of tissues, and you can't turn one into the other. It's impossible to turn fat into muscle or muscle into fat.
  13. Here is a good brand of coconut oil that I would suggest.
  14. Yes, since they are completely different types of body tissues, one does not depend on the other to either increase or decrease in size / amount / etc.
  15. It's a shame that the only ones who come here to post are to spam the forums. My goal for this site was to provide as much informative health and fitness information possible.