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  1. My weight went out of ­control when I got married and after giving birth on my 1st kid. Sometimes I don't even recognize myself already. I wasn’t happy how I looked. There was one time wherein I didn’t go to a friend’s wedding because I was so ashamed of how fat I looked. I was amazed how big I looked in the mirror but deep down I knew the mirror wasn’t lying. I knew I had to do something. I was doing some research on the internet and I saw this program http://tiny.cc/pibcp which I found it interesting for my belly to look sexy. I am very satisfied already and if you have any other program like this please inform me. My 5minuite exercise plans are the ff: 5 minute cardio warm-up which can include jogging, jumping jacks, opposite knee to opposite elbow etc. 5 minutes on upper body strength working with a weight bar and dumbbell. This can be done anywhere. 5 minutes to work on lower-body strength - squats, lunges, leg lifts. 5minutes on the abdominals - crunches, sit-ups. 5minutes for a "cardio cool-down." light jogging. I lost weight already but I need to reduce 30lbs more if you can add on my 5min exercises please do so.