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  1. Losing weight is not easy during the holidays with all the parties and the celebrations. I have been trying to steer clear of sweets, fats, and carbs because those are my weakness. I've been tempted but I have also been moving around to burn it. I know it's not enough and I need to do more if I want to lose more weight. What have you been doing to keep off the weight you lost during the holidays?
  2. Hi, I need help losing weight

    I am currently observing a low fat diet. I have tried low carb but my body craved so much for carbs to a level that I couldn't resist anymore. Weight loss pills do help a lot in losing weight if you can afford to keep buying it. It's sometimes faster that way but I do agree that stopping it can lead to weight gain
  3. Is it okay to like treat yourself for a slice of cake or pizza after an hour or exercise? Sometimes when I feel tired of exercising I make a deal with myself to spend an hour exercising and then I'll have a slice of cake or a glass of milk shake. Is that okay or does that hurt my diet and desire to lose weight?
  4. Sometimes eating healthy all the time can be pretty boring and I get tempted to eat the foods that I used to enjoy like pizza and ice cream. How do you resist the cravings? Do you know of a good and healthy alternative to sweets? Are 0 calorie sandwich spreads such as peanut butters a good alternative?
  5. I have gone through low carb diet before and I did regain the weight that I lost :(. Now I am eating less fatty foods and just cut down on calories. I don't want to push on low calorie diet too much anymore because I know how it feels when the body craves for it after you have deprived it for awhile. Is low fat diet than low carb?
  6. Hi, I need help losing weight

    If I a beginner and want to lose weight naturally, where should I start? I am not able to go to the gym because I am always busy at home. Which exercises would you recommend for a beginner, how do I alter my diet, and how much time do I need to spend for exercise. I want to lose 20lbs in 2 months. Is that possible without using weight loss pills? I have lost weight with the help of pills but I also want to know what my options are for a healthy weight loss. Your help is greatly appreciated :)