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  1.   Hi, my daughter has got dental phobia. She is five years old and has not been to a dentist yet. When she was a child, I assumed that it is common for girls of her age to develop a fear towards new people and surroundings. My friends and family also assured that her behavior will change with time. But, she has not changed. I failed when I tried to take her to the dentist. She cried and made a huge scene at the hospital. I had to take her back home. Anyways, I have scheduled an appointment with a dentist in Oshawa. Her dental health is worse now. Also, I have read an article that it is mandatory to take a child to the dentist before he/she turns 5. I am already late. I am confused on how to tackle the situation. I am pretty sure that she won't cooperate. Is there any way to make her calm down during the procedure? Please help!
  2.   Hi, I am a nineteen year old from Canada. I suffer from extreme short-sightedness. I have been wearing glasses since my fifth grade. At that time, my eyesight was not that bad and I found it difficult to see only distant objects. As time passed, my eyesight became worse.  Now, I even find it difficult to see the objects which are closer. I find it very difficult to manage without glasses now. My friends keep on telling me that I look ugly with specs. So, I purchased contact lens. I find it uncomfortable to use contact lens because they need to be handled with care. I caught hold of almost three eye infections within a period of a year. My doctor told me that my careless hygiene habits are the main reason behind these eye infections. The doctor recommended having lasik eye surgery from Austin so that I no more need to wear glasses or contact lenses. Is there anybody over here who has tried lasik eye surgery before? How was your experience? Please share.