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  1. Wisdom tooth removal

    From last month onwards, I'm suffering from severe headache. I'm not able to read anything. I visited my family doctor and he just gave some painkillers and send me off. I got healed. After a week, I was suffering from the same headache. I went to the family doctor again. He asked me to perform scanning. After seeing the scanning report, the doctor told that I was suffering from sinus. He gave tablets for the same. But after two days, a pain developed in my mouth. When I went to the dental clinic, the dentist told it is because of the wisdom tooth. When I discussed this with my family doctor, he told me that it may be the reason for sinus and he suggested a dental clinic that provides wisdom tooth removal procedure in Lexington. Will removing the wisdom tooth reduce the sinus problem? I am allergic to anesthesia. Is there any need for anesthesia? If needed, do we have any alternative? What are the after effects of wisdom tooth removal? Please give me some valuable replies.