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Making Your Own Flu Fighting Elderberry Syrup



With this year shaping up to be a bad flu season, you don't have to be a victim of the flu virus. The fact is, there is an herb that can protect you from the flu.

My family of six have been using this remedy for over 6 years now and not a single family member has contracted the flu since we started using it. It's backed up by sound research, but of course the pharmaceuticals are not able to profit from it since it's a natural herb.

The herb I speak of is Elderberry, and it's available in many different forms. You can buy a syrup for children, pills for adults, but what I prefer is to make my own syrup. It's easy, and you can buy bulk organic elderberries from nearly any health food store. This way you know you are using top of the line elderberries that have been grown organically.

It's also much cheaper to make than pre-made syrups.

What you are going to start with is some organic elderberries.

  • You take a half cup of elderberries to three or four cups of water.
  • You want to boil them and allow the water to reduce into a syrup.
  • Now you will want to add some flavor, and you can pretty much add any flavors you desire, but I usually add maple syrup or honey. If your child is under 1, you DO NOT want to use honey, so stick with syrup or organic sugar.
  • Once you get a flavor and consistency and taste you like, you can turn off the heat and allow the syrup to cool.
  • Once cooled, take some cheese cloth with a funnel and filter out the syrup.

That's it. you will have enough syrup to last you nearly all winter! Take about two or three teaspoons a day and you should remain flu free all winter!

Remember to take it before you get sick, so take it every morning before starting your day. It seems to mainly work on the flu, so if another type of bug is going around, you may still get a cold.

I was skeptical at first when we first starting using elderberry instead of the "flu shot". After over five years of being flu free, we are sold on elderberry as our flu remedy. It works, and it's cheap to make, so why haven't you tried it yet?

Here is the product I have been using for the past few years.

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