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    • Coconut oil skin
      By Bob · Posted
      Here is a good brand of coconut oil that I would suggest.
    • The Top 5 Cinnamon Oil Benefits
      By Bob · Posted
      Excellent write up. I have been using cinnamon for a long time myself for different ailments and with mixed results.
    • The Top 5 Cinnamon Oil Benefits
      By oceanwild · Posted
      Cinnamon oil is amongst the most the most popular and versatile essential oils utilized for flavoring and medicinal purposes. Cinnamon oil is extracted either from the barks or the leaves of the Cinnamomum verum spice. Although the composition of cinnamon oil may vary depending on whether it has been extracted from the bark or the leaves, its benefits remain the same. The benefits of cinnamon oil can be elaborated by highlighting the health problems it can help cure, such as the ones below. 1. Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Microbial     Oil from the Ceylon cinnamon leaf is a powerful anti-bacterial and can be utilized as an effective natural disinfectant. When it comes to microbes like Aspergillus oryzae, Escherichia coli, and Aspergillus oryzae, cinnamon oil has proven to have the best microbial activity [1]. After diluting cinnamon oil by adding water, you can even use it to disinfect door knobs, kitchen counter tops, sinks, toys, etc. 2. Anti-oxidant     Cinnamon oil is one of the world’s leading antioxidants due to its antioxidant capacity of 7,100 per 100 grams [2]. It is believed that the anti-oxidants prevent “free radicals,” which cause cancer, from forming. According to a certain study, not only can cinnamon oil improve the palatability of food, it also possesses adequate anti-oxidant properties too [3]. Another detailed study suggests that oil from cinnamon barks and leaves possess potential anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties that are usually found in oleoresins and volatile oils [4]. So, cinnamon oil is good for the entire body since it can help repair damage sustained by just about every part of the body, from your organs to your skin. 3. Candida Yeast Infections     While yeast infections tend to be resistant to medication, cinnamon oil can help to stop them. It can even stop Candida albicans fungus and Escherichia coli bacteria. According to a certain study, cinnamon oil is amongst three popular essentials oils that are effective against Candida [5]. Another study claims that the oil is effective against the albicans, krusei and tropicalis strains of Candida [6]. You can drink real Ceylon cinnamon tea containing Cinnamon bark oil to boost your immune system and combat internal Candida infections. 4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome     Irritable Bowel Syndrome can make you feel very uncomfortable, especially the bloating, and taking cinnamon oil can help reduce that feeling of discomfort to a great extent. Cinnamon oil will heal infections and kill bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract and enable the gastric juices to function normally. According to a Japanese study, it may also help cure ulcers [7]. You can also reduce the pain of stomach cramps or an upset stomach by drinking a cup of cinnamon tea twice or thrice a day. 5. Prevent Cancer     Based on research, cinnamon oil has shown promise as a means of treating gastric cancers, melanomas and tumors [8]. Studies suggest that sugar probably facilitates the sustenance of cancer cells and cinnamon oil can help control the body’s blood sugar levels, resulting in a detrimental effect on the cancer cells [9]. Cinnamon oil contains Eugenol, a chemical constituent that researchers in a particular study used to develop nutraceuticals that effectively helped combat human colon cancer cells [10]. Side Effects Of  Cinnamon Oil     Even though cinnamon is a natural product and offers several health benefits, it is not meant to be used as an alternative to medication and you may experience certain side effects. For instance, if you are highly sensitive, then you may develop allergic reactions, experience a burning sensation and pain, feel like your heart rate has increased, and suffer from stomach irritation. However, you can avoid these side effects by taking cinnamon oil in the right amounts and diluting it with water. Make sure you do not take cinnamon oil if you are already taking certain medications to prevent adverse drug interactions. References: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
    • Is it possible to build muscles and lose fat ?
      By Bob · Posted
      Yes, since they are completely different types of body tissues, one does not depend on the other to either increase or decrease in size / amount / etc.
    • Is it possible to build muscles and lose fat ?
      By JOIL21 · Posted
      i would love to hear from you all  to see your opinion , but here is it :   Almost every guy to wants to “lose fat and build muscle” so as to stay the same weight but look leaner and more toned. It seems like many guys believe it’s possible to build 15lb of muscle and lose 15lb of fat in a few months if you eat right and have a great training program. But is that really possible, or is this wishful thinking? First, let’s answer the question if it’s possible to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. The short answer is that it depends on what you mean by the “same time”. Could be yes, could be no.   No – Physiologically speaking, it’s not possible to lose fat and build muscle at the same exact moment in time because one process is catabolic (losing fat) and the other is anabolic (building muscle). Yes – It is possible, however, to gain muscle and lose fat over let’s say the course of two months, or even over the course of a day you may be able to lose fat and build muscle, but on a very small scale. thank you    Build muscle and lose fat.txt
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