Strange, annoying, and dangerous things people do in the gym

The things people do in the gym that drive me crazy

Written by Robert Forney - ISSA CFT

We have all seen the guy who walks around the gym with a workout belt on for every exercise, or the guy who takes of his shirt while working out so we can all get a whiff of his BO. Here is a list of strange, annoying, and dangerous things people do in the gym that drive me crazy.

Updated on 7/28/2010

  1. Guys who wear spandex. Puke... Need I say more?
  2. The guy who uses the squat cage or rack to do curls. What the hell is that guy thinking? You can do curls anywhere! It seems they choose to do 50 sets of curls when they gym is full and all the cages and racks are taken up.
  3. People who sweat on the equipment and don't clean it up. Are these people dumb or just sick?
  4. Guys who don't wear deodorant and like to sit right next to you when you are training. Don't they know they stink?
  5. The guy who wears his belt to do every exercise. Ya, you need that belt on to do those preacher curls don't ya. I bet it really helps your lift.
  6. Guys who like to walk around the locker room naked. What the hell are you guys thinking?
  7. Skinny guys in tank tops. Don't they know they are scrawny?
  8. The loud personal trainer. You know who you are, the ones who like to let everyone in the gym know how smart you are as you spread the myths of fitness.
  9. The guy that doesn't use collars on the curl bar and ends up losing the weights. The collars are there for a reason.
  10. To all the quarter squatters our there, you need to go down more that an inch to perform a squat, that is why it is called a squat. I know you think you look strong, but you really look silly to those who actually know how to squat. So take a few plates off the bar and do a real squat, not an inch squat.
  11. As above the same goes for you inch leg pressers.
  12. Now for those who do half bench presses. Where did you learn to bench press half way? I know, I have heard the fallacy that a full bench is bad for the shoulders, but I would like all of those who make this claim back it up with research. You also better avoid throwing a baseball or anything for that matter, since the force involved is much higher in throwing a baseball than bench pressing, even maxing out.
  13. Women to dress skimpy but who act like they don't want you to look. What are they really thinking? Can you tell me?
  14. Thos guys who use steroids and who pretend they are all natural. Ya, it's natural to be 5 foot 6, weiging 350 lbs of solid muscle with a 10% bodyfat! Dude, we all know your juicing, and some of us actually wish we had a connection!

Stay tuned for more! E-mail me if you have any you would like to add to the list.