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YourOnlineFitness.com was started in 2000 as a web site dedicated to providing scientifically sound fitness, bodybuilding, strength training, health, and exercise related information. After 10 years, our goals are the exact same as they were in 2000, and we hope you will find only the most up to date, scientifically sound fitness and exercise related information on the internet.

As a certified personal fitness trainer with over 10 year experience in the profession, I have helped countless clients reach and keep their goals. I have worked with bodybuilders, coached a powerlifitng team, athletes, youth, and special populations. I bring this experience to Your Online Fitness and offer free information and advice regarding bodybuilding, powerlifting, sport specific training, weight loss, fat loss, and general health and fitness.

In addition to helping my clients lose weight, I have helped countless athletes prepare for competition, including MMA fighters, football playes, soccer players, powerlifters, and many more. If you want up to date information, or have a fitness question, I am here to help.

About two weeks ago we added our new fitness and exercise forums where you can discuss any topic related to fitness, exercise, powerlifting, bodybuilding, etc. If you have a question regarding health, fitness, exercise, etc, feel free to join our forums and ask. I have over 10 years of personal training experience and I try to stay up to date on all the latest fitness and exercise related information.